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Wuhu Naide Hose Valve Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998, is a professional engaged in pipe clamp valve _ pulp knife gate valve _ combined pulp valve _ rubber gate valve _ rubber lining valve _ check valve _ rubber lining parts _ pipe expansion _ custom rubber expansion joint and new special rubber one of the professional R & D manufacturers.

The working principle of the pipe clamp valve is to squeeze the internal hose by manual, pneumatic, electric or hydraulic drive to achieve the role of switching/adjusting.

Wuhu Durable pipe clamp valve Features and advantages:

1. Universal elastic hose without any gap and dead Angle, to avoid turbulence and wear in the hose;

2. Ensures bi-directional 0 leakage closure (even if there are residual particles) during full shutdown.

3. The hose and the pipeline system are self-integrated, each opening and closing operation can be self-cleaning, no blockage and no dirt generation;

4. According to different working conditions, rubber formula tubes with different properties can be used, suitable for complex working conditions (high wear, strong corrosion, certain high temperature, etc.);

5. The hose is the only part in contact with the medium, without expensive alloy valve body; 

6. The hose is equivalent to a new valve, cost-effective, cost saving;

7. Wide applicable diameter, DN20-DN1500, wide applicable temperature, -40℃~+140℃;

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