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Spherical air bag type pipe pinch valve manufacturer 【 Wuhu Naide 】

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Wuhu Naide Hose Valve Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998 is a well-known pipe pinch valve manufacturer at home and abroad, the company is located in Anhui Xinwu Economic Development Zone.

The following is to introduce the main parameters and performance of the spherical balloon type pipe pinch valve;

1. The label conforms to: the design and manufacturing standard of pipe clamp valve is Q/ND GJ001-001;

2. Material: can be selected according to working conditions, temperature resistance -30~120 degrees Celsius

    2.1 Shell: cast iron, cast aluminum, cast steel, etc.;

    2.2 Flange: cast iron, stainless steel, etc.

    2.3 Rubber hose: NAT, natural rubber, etc.

    2.4 Interface: brass;

3. Flange specifications: national standard, American standard, food, etc.

4. Pressure conditions: 1.0Mpa/2.0Mpa;

5. Applicable media: pulp, acid, alkaline, food, etc.;

For details of specific parameters, please consult the technical personnel of Wuhu.

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