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Pipe clamp valve, also known as: rubber hose valve, pressure pipe valve, airbag valve, clamp valve, etc. Use pneumatic, electric, manual, or hydraulic driving methods to squeeze the casing, achieving the function of switch/adjustment. The sleeve (hose) is the most important component of the clamp valve, providing corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and pressure resistance. Below, we will introduce the relevant knowledge of manual rubber hoses for pipe clamp valves of Wuhu Naide Rubber Pipe and Valve Industry Co., Ltd.

Entering the factory of Wuhu Naide Rubber Tube and Valve Industry Co., Ltd., the valve body assembly and manual rubber tube assembly lines are all in full swing, working together to provide various services for the delivery of finished pipe clamp valves. Looking around, various tasks are being carried out in an orderly and tense manner.

Clamp valves are applied in various aspects of industrial production, and the most important component is the lined rubber hose. In order to break through the monopoly of technology, the team of Wuhu Naide has been advancing bravely for decades, constantly overcoming difficulties and achieving remarkable technological advantages. In 2013, Anhui Naide Special Rubber Industry Co., Ltd. was established.

The inner lining of Wuhu Naide pipe clamp valve is made of solid-liquid two-phase rubber, reinforced with curtain fabric, and made of natural rubber or synthetic rubber. The product has high elasticity, tear resistance, long molecular chain structure, and high wear and corrosion resistance. We have various models of handmade rubber hoses and molded rubber hose production lines, equipped with three different specifications of vulcanization tanks. Having a professional rubber laboratory, we always maintain the superiority of our products from vulcanization testing to tensile strength testing to Akron wear testing.

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