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Wuhu Naide Hose Valve Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998, is a research and development, production, sales, service in one of the integration of production, research and development of national high-tech enterprises. The company is located in Anhui Xinwu Economic Development Zone outer Ring road No. 788, is well-known at home and abroad rubber valve (pipe pinch valve), pulp knife gate valve, rubber lined products and provide related customized services one of the R & D manufacturers.

Hose valve, other name: pipe clamp valve. A switch that opens and closes a control valve by squeezing a rubber lined tube. The core of the hose valve is the lined hose, which puts forward high requirements for the quality of the lined rubber hose. Wuhu rubber hose structure main forms:

① Working face: natural rubber/synthetic or NAT rubber working face rubber is the key part of the hose, and the medium in the pipeline system is in direct contact with the characteristics of the medium to match the type of rubber;

② Cord fabric: with strong strands for warp, with medium and fine single yarn for weft, the warp lines are arranged closely, the weft lines are arranged sparsely, the warp lines bear the load, the weft yarn is fixed warp position, and is used as the skeleton of the hose to withstand great pressure, impact load and strong vibration. According to the pressure grade and diameter of the pipeline, determine the number of cord fabric layers, at least double layers, every 2 layers are cross-wound, as shown in the figure of 4 layers;

③ Special formula rubber: mainly to protect the external environment erosion, with tear resistance, high elasticity, fatigue resistance.

Wuhu Naide hose advantages. Chemical and corrosion resistance: The use of resistant vulcanized halogenated butyl rubber, which is more resistant to acid, alkali and other substances than natural rubber. This rubber can be used as a lining for chemical and corrosion resistance. Vibration and noise reduction: The use of durable high elastic rubber, with excellent vibration and noise reduction effect, reduce environmental pollution. Application conditions: ① impact Angle and sliding wear; ② Impact velocity; ③ Size and quantity of materials; (4) Rubber hardness and physical properties; ⑤ medium temperature; ⑥ Chemical environment; Noise and vibration.

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