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China's coal chemical industry achieved gratifying progress in localization of the valve


 Chinese localization of the valve, has always been difficult and arduous task. Despite years of efforts, the Chinese localization of the valve has been made gratifying progress. SUFA Nuclear Power Station key valve is a major breakthrough; the successful development of Kaifeng High Pressure Valve million units WB36 forged steel valves; Zigong High Pressure Valve large-diameter welded forged steel pipeline valve, flat gate of Chengdu wind valve large diameter The successful application of "natural gas pipeline ......
     But in its series of complete sets special conditions supporting a certain gap. For example, the valve used by many national key projects, such as high parameters, environmental protection, energy saving valve is also more dependent on imports. Reliance on imports is always someone else Kabo Zi. As a modern country and country of consumption, to achieve continuous improvement of the level of technical equipment, the introduction of foreign advanced technology and equipment is not enough, we must accelerate the domestic advanced technology and equipment research and development alone, to change this situation of dependency. The valve business in China, in order to fundamentally change the situation of dependency must be aware of the countries in key industries, engineering, localization of the valve. Thus, efforts to achieve full localization of the valve.
     "Eleventh Five-Year" national industrial structure adjustment (related to the valve industry) to encourage articles related items, analysis of their localization are as follows:
Coal, coal chemical industry valve made of
(1) pipeline transporting coal
      Pipeline transporting coal in the United States and Russia is not news, but in China, has been demonstrated 10 years, had a reputation for "Yu (County) - Wei (Square) - Green (Island)" Coal pipeline, still facing the birth Certificate suspense. This means that China has yet to invest in construction of a pipeline transporting coal. So, the localization of the valve used in a pipeline transporting coal out of the question.
(2) coal chemical
      In order to meet China's energy structure adjustment, research and development of large coal-chemical equipment was included in the "11th Five-localization of the 16 major technical equipment, one of the tasks to develop the country, large coal chemical equipment of the future work focus contents.
      The large coal chemical industry, the rapid development of appropriate technology and equipment support, in particular, coal oil, methanol, ammonia, and coal-to-olefins and other coal chemical industry requires a large number of large coal-chemical equipment. The localization of the related technology and equipment is an important measure to reduce the engineering investment, save foreign exchange, and enhance industrial competitiveness. Large-scale coal chemical equipment research and development of major research projects include: the large hydrogenation reactor, coal liquefaction and volume using centrifugal pump, liquefaction with special valves, oil, coal slurry heating furnace, a large coal slurry homogenization blender, thrust large reciprocating compressors and centrifugal compressor special waste heat boiler, a large coal preparation equipment, diesel gasification core equipment, large natural gas, hydrogen core equipment and so on.
     In addition, the National Development and Reform Commission preliminary planning, coal liquefaction method to 2015, 60 million tons of oil annually, with a total investment of about 420 billion yuan, of which equipment investment is about 200 billion yuan. At present, the Shenhua 500-ton refined oil a large coal-oil project in Ordos in Inner Mongolia started construction and the smooth progress of the estimated total investment of about 35 billion yuan. Also in the preparation and construction projects Shenhua liquefaction project in Yulin, Chinese Academy of Sciences coalification coal liquefaction expansion projects. Coal-oil (oil, coal liquefaction legal system), is a new technology to focus on the development of the "Eleventh Five-Year" period, the state has approved an annual output of 500 tons of coal direct liquefaction project construction in Inner Mongolia. Direct coal liquefaction process conditions are very harsh, very high requirements on the valve: its medium temperature of 420-500 ° C; working pressure 17-30MPa; solids content of 20-80%. The coal liquefaction with the localization of the valve is an urgent task of the valve industry.