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Analysis of the valve industry from the perspective of industry chain


An industry is not a single development, it formed the industrial chain, interaction effects and their associated upstream and downstream factors. Industry chain is a concept of four dimensions of the value chain, chain, supply chain and space chain, this article will try to cut from the perspective of industry chain, Analysis of China's valve industry, the current development. In order to facilitate understanding, I will take the following figure discussed.
     Photo Source: China General Machinery Industry Association valves Branch
(Iron steel, nonferrous metals and other;Rubber, paint, etc.;Casting;Machining;Spray painting;Valve;Downstream;Urban water supply;Sewage treatment;Hydraulic Engineering;Other)
     Part of the upstream basic raw materials, China's Steel City early this year in the shock upstream stage, from mid-May, the market gradually cold, the industry is generally optimistic about the "golden nine silver ten to two months and no such expectations as to the entire city of steel inject dynamism. November mid-term steel market prices of imported iron ore pick up a short time, but with the expansion of the European debt crisis, in addition to the Close of the year, short-term rebound Steel City again shock downstream. Steel City at this stage is cold, the valve industry or in the good news, but the steel trade will be the Steel City, the market traded flat, the market mentality is gradually weakened, and the prospects for future market uncertainty, it is difficult to grasp, is expected in the future period of time continue to maintain a wait state, the steel stocks decline, or increase the pressure on next year's valve industry, raw material purchase.
      To take into account the purpose of manufacturing products, environmental impact, medium impact and other factors, so the more types of rubber used in the valve industry, in this writer to the current production of the largest general-purpose synthetic rubber - Styrene-butadiene rubber cases.