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The valve industry in China to international markets to promote to be improved


Safety valve for nearly 40 years history of development in the country, through the efforts of domestic safety valve enterprises in terms of technology, product quality and service have made no small achievement, domestic safety valve basically meet the domestic market demand.

     But in any development of an industry are positive, in the safety valve is no exception. To meet domestic market demand, the need to consider is to enter the international market, but in terms of the status quo of China's valve industry, on the road to enter the international market is full of hindered, remains to be to continue to improve.
      With the improvement of industrial technology, the demand for high-performance valve device continue to strengthen our country is a transition from an agricultural to an industrial world powers, with the huge demand for the industrial market, which has attracted many foreign companies stationed the strengthening of international trade, domestic valve market saturation. However, the safety valve device in the long-term development of certain results, but compared with the foreign advanced equipment there is still a certain gap between performance in the domestic market is very obvious, many foreign enterprises much better than the domestic valve machine. To out of the country, the first valve company in China to produce more self-produced valve equipment, to learn advanced foreign technology, expertise, technological innovation, science and technology development to promote the development of the safety valve industry in China.
     The strengthening of innovation, learning more new technology, research and development of more advanced design and production safety valve equipment, to overcome the difficulties and dangers on the road to accelerate the development of domestic safety valve industry, enhance the competitiveness of domestic safety valve industry, to the International the pace of market moving steadily forward.